Doll Haircare Tips

Once you take your collectible doll out of her out of her packaging, you may notice that her hair requires gentle styling to make her picture perfect

Is her hair a little messy? We can help!

Follow the doll hair tutorial below to keep your doll's hair as cute as can be.

Gently comb her hair in one direction, starting at the crown.

Helpful Hints:
  • Use a nylon bristle brush or comb purchased specifically for your doll
  • Gently comb the hair forwards towards the face, and down the sides of the head
  • For the back of the head, comb from the crown down to the base of the neck

Not quite right yet? Lightly mist her hair and comb it again.

Helpful Hints:
  • Use room-temperature water
  • Make sure her hair is only slightly damp, which will make it easier to work with
Let her hair air dry and
She's ready to charm!
To Avoid Damaging Your Doll's Hair:
  • Never use a personal comb for your doll hair care due to the natural oils from your hair
  • Never yank or pull their hair when combing it
  • Never use gels, mousses, or other haircare products
  • Never submerge your doll in water or get their hair wetter than slightly damp
  • Never use a heated curling iron, blow dryer or a straightener when caring for doll hair
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